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What milk do you choose? What milk do you choose? August 20, 2020 READ MORE Green tea strengthens memory Green tea strengthens memory July 22, 2020 READ MORE Pumpkin and walnut tart Pumpkin and walnut tart March 29, 2020 READ MORE

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There are many ways we contribute to the realization of our dream. The perfect balance between mind, body and spirit helps us to transform our vision of health, lifestyle, the way we exercise and the right diet. All the experiences we live and the people we meet appear at the right time to help us evolve, the goal of each of us being a perfect life.

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What personal hygiene products do we keep in the bathroom?

What brands do we use for personal hygiene? Personal hygiene is very important for physical and mental health. The way we feel and present ourselves is also related to personal hygiene. We have preferences depending on price, quality, quantity, ingredients, all very important for well-being. But few of us...

Take advantage of autumn diet

Autumn diet The autumn diet, rich in seasonal fruits and vegetables, brings us extra vitamins, minerals and fiber in the body, with a fairly low caloric content. The skin will be cleaner and the excess weight accumulated during the holidays will be completely eliminated. Another benefit of the...

Happiness is about attitude

Happiness and self-satisfaction Happiness is the only thing that doubles when shared. What does happiness mean? How many of us can answer this question with a smile on our face? For each of us, happiness means something else, depending on what we think we need. To be happy...

Processed foods destroy bones

Processed foods increase the risk of disease We all know that processed foods are not good for us, but have we ever really imagined what happens in our body once touched by them? According to research studies conducted in the field of organic agriculture, at the Rodale Institute,...

Apple the tree of life

An apple a day keeps the doctor at bay Apple is known for its important therapeutic properties, which is why an old saying spread throughout Europe says: "One apple a day, the doctor never." There are currently more than 28 species and over 10,000 varieties grown of the...