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10 benefits for cucumber juice

Cucumber juice

Cucumber juice is rich in sodium, sulfur, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins. Cucumber juice is diuretic-depurative, diuresis being accompanied by the dissolution of uric acid and urate, so it is useful in uric lithiasis, gout and arthritis.

Cucumber juice is slightly laxative, calming of colic and intestinal climbing, being very easily digestible. Cucumber contains up to 95% water, a reduced amount of vegetable protein, as well as carbohydrates, and is recommended in various skin irritations due to anti-inflammatory qualities.

Cucumber juice
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External applications with cucumber juice work beneficially for cleansing and softening the skin, both for oily skin with dilated pores and for dry skin. The skin softening action is complemented by wrinkle removal. Good results are also obtained in the case of freckles. Cucumber juice stimulates hair growth due to high levels of silicone and sulfur.

Due to the high level of potassium, cucumber juice is very valuable for people with high blood pressure. Nails and hair need in particular the elements in cucumber juice. You can drink half a glass of pure cucumber juice a day or include it in a vegetable cocktail.

It is considered that the mixture of cucumber juice with that of carrot and radish or beetroot, would be the strongest litortic, with the action of grinding stones. We can combine cucumber juice with other vegetables and achieve excellent results for our health. I recommend you read the article: “7 Healing Cocktails“, from which you can choose the combination of vegetables that suits each one. Good health!

Cucumber juice
Image from Pixabay

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