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3 Secrets to a bright and rejuvenated look

What is to be done to have a bright and rejuvenated look on your face?

I think we’re all concerned about having a bright and rejuvenated look. That means having a healthy, rested body. But how many of us experience fatigue caused by a sustained pace of tasks and tasks that inevitably lead to the appearance of dark things. To regain the shine on our face, beauty specialists recommend an illuminating or creamy concealer, an eye cream, chamomile tea compresses and plenty of fruits and vegetables.

What beauty specialists say

The issue of the earthen work is carefully considered by all world-class researchers with extensive scientific experience in skin biology and active ingredient care. First of all, emphasis is placed on accelerating circulation in the eye contour area.

3 Secrets to a bright and rejuvenated look
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Ingredients in the composition of a certified product are carefully selected to solve the problems that cause the sheets and poor microcirculation of blood in that area. For example in cutting-edge technology Micro-bright contributes to the toning of the walls of the veins in the dermal tissue, defending the bio-defense mechanism of the skin. The beneficial effects of Micro-bright are due to special active ingredients such as centella. In addition, it stimulates fibroblasts (cells of the connective tissue of the skin) to produce collagen. Centella has been widely used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for thousands of years.

Professor Joseph Vercauteren world specialist in polyphenols and Professor of Pharmacognosia at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Montpellier in France, together with his team of researchers have fleshed out important international patents in the field of beauty.” The vine is an inexhaustible source of wealth and remains my main source of inspiration,” said the great teacher.

3 Secrets to a bright and rejuvenated look
Image from Caudalie

Mathilde Thomas and Professor Vercautern created Caudalie,continuously investing in research. Mhatilde Thomas said, “every week I test dozens of textures and select the best ingredients, all that is most effective for the skin.” The creator of this brand emphasizes natural ingredients that respect the environment by looking for the green assets of the future.

I recommend Premier Cru products from Caudalie Paris, creams that I discovered by chance on a holiday in Provence. They have a fine, refined texture and are especially natural. Premier Cru eye contour cream is a state-of-the-art anti-aging treatment specific to the sensitive area around the eye. This precious cream has immediate action on the area around the eye, producing a visible transformation. Active ingredients such as: resveratrol, viferin, grape polyphenols, hyaluronic acid, caffeine and pears give an illuminating effect. These products do not contain perfume.

3 Secrets to a bright and rejuvenated look
Image from Caudalie

I also recommend Premier Cru Cream, for wrinkles, brown spots and firmness. This exceptional cream offers a global anti-aging action. The effect is visibly rejuvenated skin. Corrects all signs of aging, from deep wrinkles, brown spots, lack of skin firmness to oxidative stress that causes skin dryness. With this cream wrinkles will be smoothed, the contour of the face will be more defined, the complexion becomes more radiant and uniform. This cream contains natural active ingredients such as: resveratrol, viniferin, grape polyphenols, hyaluronic acid, peptides, vinolevre, Cassia angustifolia. There are two types of textures: Premier Cru Cream for Normal Skin and Premier Cru Riche Cream for Dry Skin.

The secret of a bright and rejuvenated gaze

In addition to moisturizing formulas, it is good to choose products containing retinol, Vitamin A, E, C, niacinamide (Vitamin B3), azealand acid, kojic acid, arbutin, hydroquinone. When we care for the skin around the eyes we need to know that we need antioxidants. They remove free radicals from the skin, produced by UV radiation, smoking and pollution. That’s how we slow down the aging process. Rest and hydration play a key role. Green tea,willow extract and even caffeine are remedies that contribute to skin health.

A remedy out of reach of anyone is the application of slices of raw potatoes on the eyes, lying in bed for five minutes. It is good to use them especially in the evening being an ideal remedy to banish fatigue. Great care not to use sprouted potatoes because they are toxic. Using good quality natural yogurt can visibly improve the condition of the skin around the eyes. It can be applied with cosmetic floppy disks around the eyes for 10 minutes. It is an ideal remedy for the cearcans. Another natural remedy is honey, which you can apply around the eyes after a prior cleansing of the face.

3 Secrets to a bright and rejuvenated look
Image from Pixabay

Eye cream should be applied seriously in the morning and evening in a thicker layer, as the eye area is more sensitive and needs intense hydration. Apply special creams for eyes with a tendency to inflator that have a roll-on applicator (provides the feeling of cold to the application and thus helps to decongest). The secret to a bright and rejuvenated gaze is also in the art of knowing how to make up. The creamy concealer can be applied first and later with the illuminating one exactly in the inner corner of the eye. It is usually applied with a natural hair brush.

A beautiful eye makes silence eloquent, a benevolent eye transforms contradiction into consent, an angry eye distorts beauty. These little organs give life to every part of our being.

Joseph Addison

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