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8 oranges for Chinese New Year

8 oranges for prosperity

8 oranges for Chinese New Year
Image from Pixabay

Oranges have a special meaning in Chinese culture. Oranges represent the health, prosperity, harmony and positive energies of the universe. On Chinese New Year’s Eve, the first man to cross their threshold must bring eight oranges and throw them on the ground. The fruit is then placed in a bowl and the ones that have been damaged are immediately replaced by fresh ones. Oranges are stored for 15 days before being eaten to attract the god of prosperity.

This habit of rolling 8 oranges on the floor of the entrance hall or living room on Chinese New Year’s Eve, is a moment of joy loaded with great benefit. The nicest time is when in the family there is a small child, preferably boy and is put to play with oranges. After this joyful ritual, the oranges are placed in a bowl, on the table,in the physical center of the house.

Oranges give energy and beauty

8 oranges for Chinese New Year
Image from Pixabay

Orange is a tree native to China and India. In Europe it was brought during the Crusades and spread mainly in the Mediterranean area. Like lemon, it is a species pretentious to temperature, soil and humidity.

Oranges contain up to 90% water. Protides are in small quantities, only 0.7%, and carbon hydrates about 9%. Sodium salts 2 mg%, potassium salts 130 mg%, calcium 30 mg%, phosphorus 15 mg%, iron 0.4 mg%, folic acid. Of the vitamins, the highest amount is represented by vitamin C ( 35-50 mg%), while vitamin A is only 11 mg%, vitamin B1 0.06 mg%, vitamin B2 0.03 mg%, and niacin 0.2 mg%.

Organic acids are 1.5-2.5 g%. The energy given by 100 g of unshelled oranges is 39 kcal, of which 89% is used. The daily requirement of vitamin C is ensured by 100 ml of fresh juice from the fruit pulp. Oranges have many common recommendations with lemons. With a fairly high vitamin C content, they increase resistance to infectious diseases and are indicated in vitamin C deficiencies and as remineralizing.

Oranges have antihemorrhage and vascular protective properties in capillary fragility, thrombosis and increased blood viscosity. Their slightly diuretic and laxative properties are also known. Other common properties with lemons are those of hepatoprotective, slightly choleretic-colagogene. In phytotherapy of the digestive system, oranges are indicated in dyspepsia and meteorism.

8 oranges for Chinese New Year
Image from Pixabay

Oranges also have depurative effects. The peel, in turn, is tonic, stomahic. The slightly astringent effect, combined with the antiseptic effect, makes oranges recommended also in stomatitis and gingivitis, as well as in some dermatosis and eczema. Consumed as such or in juices are excellent in detoxifying the body.

In external use, buffer the area, in stomatitis, gingivitis and dermatosis. For laxative purposes, boil the peel from 2 oranges 30 minutes, then discard the water. Boil again in sweetened water (with 200 g per liter). Allow to dry on a plate and consume the next morning.

In cosmetics, it is used to maintain the skin, preventing the formation of wrinkles. Orange flowers are used in cosmetics and perfumery. Almost all parts of orange are used for the production of odorand and aromatic materials, for the perfume industry: essential oil is derived from the peel of the fruit, the leaves are used for the production of Petitgrain oil, and the delicate white flowers serve to produce oil and fragrances (orange) of neroli.

An amazing orange blossom fragrance is Fleur D’Oranger by Serge Lutens. Sweet, delicate, gummy and feminine, this fragrance offers a stun bouquet of white flowers coupled with a single fresh and green rose. Is that the secret of the Chinese? Surely before prosperity there must be health and oranges have excellent qualities in this regard. Number 8 represents prosperity and the Chinese know best!

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