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Apple the tree of life

An apple a day keeps the doctor at bay

Apple is known for its important therapeutic properties, which is why an old saying spread throughout Europe says: “One apple a day, the doctor never.” There are currently more than 28 species and over 10,000 varieties grown of the genus Malus.

Apple is the most popular native fruit, with various varieties: with greenish and almost transparent skin, suave-yellow or bubbly red, such as “The hefty bread and golden apples”, from the famous fairy tale that sweetened our childhood. In Romanian mythology, the apple is considered the tree of life and expresses, in the peasant faith, the desire for rich fruit, abundance and permanence.

Jewish Easter food includes for dessert a combination of chopped apples, walnuts,crushed raisins, curmals,cinnamon, wine and honey. This ritual of preparing charoset (haroset) seems to exist from the time when Jesus himself tasted it.

Greco-Roman mythology is very rich in legends, let us think of the golden apple that Paris handed to the goddess Venus as a sign of supreme appreciation of its beauty. In Scandinavian mythology, the apple is the food of the gods. The Swiss have a very beautiful legend about Wilhelm Tell as a symbol of their love for freedom.

Therapeutic recommendations

Apple tree of life
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Apple contains according to variety or variety, 83-93% water, reducing sugars, cellulose, present in shell, sugars, pentosone, polyglucids, lignin, free organic acids and combined, pectins, tannins, protides, Ca salts, Na, Fe, K, P, Si, Al, Mg, Mn, S, Co, etc. Apple contains vitamins such as: A, B, C, PP. Twice as much pantothenic acid and twice as much vitamin C as in the pulp is in the peel of the fruit.

Internal. Fruits have a moderate acidity, helping digestion, increases salivary and gastric secretion, making them extremely useful in slimming straps. Apples consumed in shell have laxative and absorbent effects of toxins and microorganisms in the intestine, which are incorporated into cellulose and the pectins they contain. Apple juice works wonders for our body. The recipe can be found here: Cleaning the liver with apple juice.

The consumption of apples acts as a diuretic, massively eliminating uric acid, which makes them useful not only in kidney diseases but also in uric diathesis: arthritis, rheumatism, gout. It works beneficially in the case of hypertension, decreases the concentration of cholesterol in the blood, which justifies their recommendation in atherosclerosis.

Apple tree of life
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Along with carrots, grated and peeled apples are an effective treatment in acute and chronic diarrhea in children. Apples are extremely beneficial in diets to combat obesity. To treat infantile diabetes are made apple and tomatocures . It is considered that an apple eaten at bedtime in the evening eases the stomach, while calming the nervous system. Apples act on pectoral disorders, favoring the elimination of bronchial secretions.

Externally are recommended by folk medicine in warm applications of cooked fruit in ear aches. On the atonal wounds apply either grated apples and cooked in their juice or juice with oil in equal parts. All folk medicine recommends the application of well moistened bran with concentrated and warm apple decoction in the spleen area, against its inflammation. In cosmetics apple juice helps to tone the tissues, gently massaging the cheeks, breast and abdomen.

Preparation mode

Apple tree of life
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We use apples as such, in long-lasting cures, going up to 1 kg per day, in the elderly and the sick. Apple juice can be prepared for easier administration, as appropriate. In obese people, “apple days” are recommended, 1 kg per day, without food.

You can make decoctions from sun-dried apples,finely shredded, one tablespoon per cup, 3-5 cups a day, sweetened to taste. Against the diares in children, shave apples, at the 5 meals (1/2-1 kg per day). In the evening before bedtime we can prepare a decoction from an apple cut into pieces, to 1/2 liter of water, which we boil over a low heat until reduced by half.

We can prepare a laxative and pectoral syrup, especially for children, from apple juice and sugar, in equal parts (you can exclude sugar), boil over low heat until it acquires a syrupy consistency. Take two tablespoons before each meal.

Apple tree of life
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In hypertension, cardiorenal edema, atherosclerosis, cholesterolemia, preinfarct, Kempner’s cureis recommended, which leads to severe lowering of blood cholesterol, reducing blood pressure, reducing edema, apples having an important role.

In the first “attack” phase, which lasts between 1 and 3 months, only 230-300 g of boiled rice per day and apples (to taste) are consumed. In a second phase, introduce vegetables, meat, fish, potatoes and a little salt-free bread.

Apple vinegar and honey are prepared as follows: apples of autumn varieties are washed, crushed in wood piua or shaved through stainless steel grater. Over this porridge put in a suitable dish we add 5 liters of water to 4 Kg porridge. For each liter of water, we add 140 g of honey. To speed up fermentation we can add 1/2 kg of wine yeast from hybrid, unsprayed grapes (the thick liquid part that remains after drawing the wine).

Apple tree of life
Image from Pixabay

We keep this combination in jars or clay pots at room temperature (20-30 degrees C), covered with gauze, in a dark place. The first phase of fermentation lasts 10-12 days, during which time it is mixed 2-3 times a day with a wooden spoon.

The juice obtained after fermentation is slipped through double gauze. Place in a wide-mouthed bowl and add 50 g honey for each litre of juice. For the second phase of aerobic fermentation, we tie the mouth of the dish with a gauze and keep it warm. Apple vinegar is ready after 40-60 days. After clearing, the hose is fired into the bottles. We seal the bottles well or wax them and keep them cold. This homemade apple vinegar is ideal for salts, sauces or various dishes. Good health!

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