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Asparagus vegetables of spring

Asparagus, for dinner or for an unforgettable lunch

Asparagus vegetables of spring
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Asparagus,delicate and unusual certainly has aristocratic “fitze”! Asparagus, do not accept to be prepared anyway or served with any ingredients. This “wonder vegetable” is native to the Far East, but grows spontaneously in forests, in wetlands in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Asparagus is used in food and is one of the most sophisticated ingredients in major restaurants. Beyond the special taste, asparagus is famous for its medicinal properties. Highly appreciated by the Greeks and Romans, asparagus was recommended as a medicine for liver disease and non-fritic colic.

Asparagus and therapeutic properties

Asparagus contains water between 92-95%, protides, fats, carbon hydrates, fibers, mineral salts: magnesium, iron and phosphorus and microelements such as: Ca, K, Cu, F, Br, I, Al, Zn, Si, S, Co. Contains vitamin C, B1, B2, folic acid.

It is recommended in slimming belts due to low energy value, as well as in diabetes, for the low content of carbon hydrates. It has diuretic properties, being recommended in litiasis, cystitis, nephritis, prostatitis, in hydrosoded retentions, edema, and in cardiac to avoid edema of the lower limbs. It has an active depurative effect, being useful in dermatosis and eczema.

Asparagus vegetables of spring
Image from Pixabay

Asparagus stimulates liver activity. Contributes to lower blood sugar and glycosuria, being recommended as an adjunct in diabetes. It is recommended in chronic bronchitis, having expectorant action. It has a cardiac sedative action, stimulates appetite and promotes digestion. Thanks to cellulosic fibers, stimulates digestion, acting as a laxative in constipation.

This “wonder vegetable” can be eaten as such in salads and dietary dishes (boiled asparagus salad). For diuresis, prepare a decoction of 20 g per 1 litre, a quantity to be drunk during a day.

Syrup with cardiac sedative properties of asparagus juice that boils on a water bath with two sugar parts until the desired consistency is obtained. Take 2 teaspoons a day, morning and evening. Tincture of 20 g macerated plant in 100 ml alcohol against colic, take 5-10 drops for 10-15 days.

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