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Perfect life means first and foremost health

We need to ionize the space in which we live
5 tips for cleaning the house
Blueberries antiaging remedy
Creamy energizing shake
What personal hygiene products do we keep in the bathroom?

What personal hygiene products do we keep in the bathroom?

What brands do we use for personal hygiene? Personal hygiene is very important for physical and mental health. The way we feel and present ourselves...
Take advantage of autumn diet

Take advantage of autumn diet

Autumn diet The autumn diet, rich in seasonal fruits and vegetables, brings us extra vitamins, minerals and fiber in the body, with a fairly low...
Processed foods destroy bones

Processed foods destroy bones

Processed foods increase the risk of disease We all know that processed foods are not good for us, but have we ever really imagined what...
Beautiful and velvety hands with 5 natural remedies

Apple the tree of life

An apple a day keeps the doctor at bay Apple is known for its important therapeutic properties, which is why an old saying spread throughout...
Quinces the fruits of the goddess Venus

Quinces, the fruits of the goddess Venus

Quinces - therapeutic recommendations Quinces are native to the island of Crete and South-West Asia. In ancient Greece, quince sown the fruit of the goddess...
Ginger, the main ingredient in dietotherapy

Why follow ginger therapy

Ginger therapy Ginger therapy has been known since ancient times. Ancient dietitians recommended a special ginger therapy to improve digestion. Therapy is aimed at older...
Autumn scented sweetness

Autumn scented sweetness

The sweetness of our pantry The fragrant sweetness is obtained from ripe fruits. The sugar we use must also be processed as little as possible. Whether...
Dancing is normal at my age

Dancing is normal at any age

Dancing id beneficial at any age Dancing is considered by specialists, one of the best ways to maintain our health at any age. For example,...
Eggshell therapy

Eggshell therapy

Do not throw away the eggshell! The eggshell is not toss! We can use it to treat osteoporosis. Eggshell therapy is simple and does not...
3 cures from grandparents

3 cures from our grandparents

Natural cures There are a lot of cures that we still use today inherited from our grandparents. They are remedies from when the earth and...