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Cleaning the liver with apple juice

Liver cleansing

Cleaning the liver with apple juice, does wonders for our body. Liver cleansing is most effective with the help of lemon oil and juice, however some people cannot drink oil, they can’t even bear the smell of it. We can clean our liver with mixtures of vegetable juices. This method is longer and less efficient.

Curățarea ficatului cu suc de mere
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If you try the method with vegetable juices, the recipe is as follows: drink half a glass of mixed juice from carrot, beetroot and cucumber, three to four times each day, in the proportion of 10:3:3 (eg 250 grams: 75 grams: 75 grams) for two weeks. Repeat this therapy 14 days, four times (every three months) in the first year and then once a year.

Cleaning the liver with apple juice

Natural apple juice works wonders for cleansing the body, especially the liver, kidneys and boils. It is perhaps the most pleasant and simple method for cleansing the body. We only use cold-pressed apple juice. The juices bought, kept for longer do not give the expected results. It is good to use more sweet apples and only a few apples of a more sour variety, for a pleasant taste.

Curățarea ficatului cu suc de mere
Image from Pixabay

We drink apple juice with small sips and keep each sip in the mouth for a while to mix with saliva. People with a sensitivedigestive microflora, may experience stomach discomfort, such as bloating, after consuming this apple juice.

We can prevent this discomfort by filtering the pulp particles that remain in the juice. You can prepare your digestive system in advance to cope with a high acid content by drinking half a glass of apple juice 15 minutes before each meal a few days before you start therapy.

Liver cleansing in three days

Liver cleansing therapy with apple juice lasts three days. On these three days you eat absolutely nothing, drink only this apple juice. Emphasize well-being with outdoor activities, walks or fitness.

Curățarea ficatului cu suc de mere
Image from Pixabay

In the three days you choose to cleanse the liver, consume only freshly squeezed apple juice, in the following quantities and at the times indicated:

  • At 8 – 1 glass of apple juice
  • At 10 – 1 glass of apple juice
  • At 12 – 2 glasses of apple juice
  • At 2 p.m. – 2 glasses of apple juice
  • At 16 – 2 glasses of apple juice
  • At 18 – 1 glass of apple juice
  • At 20 – 1 glass of apple juice

If digestion is not active during therapy, herbal teas, diuretics or enema may be made. Good health!

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