Saturday, February 27, 2021

Dancing is normal at any age

Dancing id beneficial at any age

Dancing is considered by specialists, one of the best ways to maintain our health at any age. For example, different brain functions are stimulated that induce a state of well-being in patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

“A studied choreographic movement is not the only way that a person improves their physical abilities, but any rhythmic movement, according to the sound of music,” says Professor Thomas Prohaska, dean of the College of Social and Health Services at George Mason University, Virginia.

Dancing is normal at my age
Image from Pixabay

Forecasts say that in the US alone, the number of Alzheimer’s patients will double by 2050, reaching 13.2 million, compared with 5.1 million currently recorded. We have only one conclusion to draw one conclusion: dancing and any type of movement is beneficial at any age for a healthy lifestyle. Let’s Dance!

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