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Happiness is about attitude

Happiness and self-satisfaction

Happiness is the only thing that doubles when shared. What does happiness mean? How many of us can answer this question with a smile on our face? For each of us, happiness means something else, depending on what we think we need. To be happy means to be content with what you have, others say. Happiness is ultimately about attitude, it means feeling good about yourself.

Happiness is about attitude
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It’s the end of October and I thought it would be good to keep our tone over the summer and energize for the whole fall. I want us all to be infected with energy and good mood, with smiles, sports, healthy diets, relaxation, which lead us to the right attitude, for a happy life.

You smile, you get a smile back!

Life must be looked at with a smile on your face. We smile, we get a smile back! People around us often feel when we emanate happiness. We also have less good days, maybe sadder, but we have to learn that everything has a purpose, nothing happens by chance, we learn something from each situation. We learn from each other how to be more tolerant, more patient, more grateful and receive everything as a life lesson.

Happiness is about attitude
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We want it or not, we have to accept that time passes and leaves traces. It’s a useless fight if we frown and want to look 50 or 20, we can even look funny. We do not need drastic diets, but it is good to pay attention to good foods that energize us: salads, freshly squeezed juices, more hydration and of course sustained exercise. The attitude towards life helps us to realize that it is important to know how to age beautifully and to give special importance to health.

Happiness comes from within

I feel good in my skin! Each of us has something special that makes him special. Perfection is a challenge up to a point, but it can be dangerous and boring. This should not stop us from working more with ourselves, to maintain a healthy body and to receive a beautiful looking bonus. Perfection is good to look at as a motivation to reach the goal.

Happiness is about attitude
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After discovering the perfect detox diet, only from juices made from vegetables and fruits, a beneficial diet for the body, which we can keep twice a year, then we learn to eat healthy. So we don’t need drastic diets. Beauty comes from within. Cycling, practicing your favorite sport or just walking in the park are ways to relax, which fortunately trains our body.

Beauty comes from within

We learn throughout life that it is good to give ourselves more time for ourselves, more attention, to have more concern for health, for body, mind and soul. All seemingly small but very important things lead us to inner balance.

What beauty therapies to choose? Of course the ones we need depending on the typology of each one. Whether we are followers of natural therapies or cosmetic treatments, body treatments, wraps, masks in the Spa salons, we can relax and free ourselves from the daily stress to recharge our batteries.

Happiness is about attitude
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What rituals do we use for hair? Hair is very important for all of us. A healthy appearance of the hair is very important, because it reflects our state of health. We test almost all treatments, we use various masks and oils such as: argan, almonds, olives, castor, but do we know how to use them to get the best results?

Blond hair requires much more attention, especially if it is subjected to aggressive treatments and excessive styling. Brown hair is usually stronger by nature. You have probably noticed that Indian women have beautiful, healthy and rich hair. They use hot oils and spices to massage the scalp.

Coconut oil is very good for example for both hair and skin. Aloe vera, honey and seasonal fruits are also beneficial and we can use them in abundance. It is good to learn to give ourselves more time, more attention to health, to mind and soul, only in this way we will bring into our lives the balance, inner peace, which ultimately lead to the attitude and happiness we need for a perfect life.

The purpose of our lives is to experience happiness.

Dalai Lama

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