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Israel, The Holy Land

Israel, holiday destination

Whether you are proposing a holiday this year or later do not miss a special destination, Israel. Once you take the first step in the Holy Land you feel a special energy. The further you go, the more you confirm this and feel better and better. We become the protagonists of a spiritual journey.

Israel Holy Land
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In addition to Tel Aviv, a charming city, Tzfat, Kabbalah World Center, has a fascinating energy. Tzfat is the highest city in Israel, with pure air and friendly sun, with blue gates and windows. The city with narrow streets, with stone houses, painted blue and white, takes you to the past, to the mystical Jewish tradition.

Blue is the color of Kabbalah and symbolizes Heaven, Air, Heaven. In this city lived Kabbalah, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai, author of Zohar, of the series of books that underlie this mystical tradition. The city has a positive energy, you just feel wonderful.

Israel, a journey through time

A journey through time to ancient times, when Jesus was born in a grotto in Bethlehem, growing up in a mountain village with cobbled ullets called Nazareth, worked wonders on the swirling sea of Galilee, prayed among the millennial olive trees in the Garden of Gethsemane, and was crucified on the cross between two robbers on Mount Golgota in Jerusalem.

Israel Holy Land
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A history lesson about the troubled birth of a state, about the continuing struggle for survival with Arab neighbors and Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, a fantastic adventure traversing the selenary landscapes of the Negev Desert, among the plantations curmals and oranges that rise like nothingness in the middle of the arid terrain, in the famous dead sea spas.

At the Dead Sea, the dream of “youth without old age” becomes a reality, in the resort of Eilat, located on the border with Jordan and Egypt. Tel Aviv, is the city where every second lives with a stunning intensity. This is how the Israel experience can be described in seconds.

Jerusalem, for once in a lifetime

The intersection of Christianity with Judaism and Islam, Jerusalem is a fascinating, mystical and equally cosmopolitan city. Pilgrimages begin at the Church of the Nativity, located on the Palestinian territory of Bethlehem, separated from Jerusalem by a huge wall.

Israel Holy Land
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The church, erected on the ruins of the world’s first Christian place, of the Emperors Constantine and Elena, preserves, unaltered, the grotto where the place of the Lord’s birth is marked by a silver star. The Road of the Cross, which runs through the ancient fortress of Jerusalem, with its 14 stations, with the huge Cathedral that houses the Holy Tomb, Mount Golgota and the Stone of Ungarei, is a mystical, impressive route of self-retrieval.

The strength of Judaism is the Wailing Wall, the only relic left standing since the burning of the Holy Temple in 170. Here, day by day, thousands of Jews deplore from the old days and express their desires through the notes that are hidden in the cracks of the wall.

The new city of Jerusalem, on the other hand, impresses through the streets with cafés and restaurants, scattered among the major brand stores, through the intense cultural activity marked by art exhibitions, theatrical performances and opera. Impress with the tumultuous nightlife with numerous live concerts in public squares or themed parties.

Eilat, the resort of youth

The resort of Eilat, is located just a few kilometers from Israel’s exit to the Red Sea. It is just a three-hour drive from Jerusalem or a 40-minute flight from Tel Aviv. Eilat is a breathtaking resort that lives at the rhythm of the sun, the sea, the desert and nature itself.

Israel Holy Land
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Adjacent to the biblical town of Taba in Egypt and the Jordanian city of Aqaba to the east, with the eilate mountains in the background and the spectacular Negev desert, the resort is an oasis of tranquility for those who want a holiday where the entire hours of sunbathing can be combined, in a unique way, with dozens of maritime sports, camel rides through the desert, camping in Bedouin camps , cliff-lined beachtrips full of malls and restaurants, forays into amusement parks or diving among coral reefs.

Eilat, is the favorite holiday destination of Americans and Russians. Here we find a string of several dozen luxurious hotels offering over 17,000 places to stay. A monument in itself is the Harrods complex, located on the seafront on the border with Jordan. The hotel also has one of the most famous spa resorts in the Middle East.

Harrods Vitalis is intended for those who want a refreshing experience through specific oriental relaxation techniques, anti-agingbody treatments, with all kinds of exotic plants or with salts and minerals extracted from the Dead Sea. There is no shortage of massages, practiced by specialists from all over the world and yoga or Pilates classes, taught by former instructors of Hollywood stars.

Israel Holy Land
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The food in Israel is absolutely delicious. Necessarily you have to try hummus,falafel, salads, pomegranatejuice, seafood. Prices are similar, perhaps slightly higher than those in Bucharest, and at times you can negotiate. Israel is ranked 4th among the hottest holiday destinations in the world. Forget all the biases about security issues, but be careful about Covid 19 restrictions and prepare for the most intense experience you can ever experience with a holiday in Israel!

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