Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Lemon roll

Lemon roll

This lemon roll is a simple and easy-to-prepare dessert at home. Lemon roll can be enjoyed with a good coffee in the morning or why not, with friends.

Ingredients for lemon roll:

For the dough: 6 eggs, 175 g brown sugar, plus extra, 175 g flour that grows alone, one teaspoon cardamom, grated zest from a lemon (keep the juice for the cream), 1/4 pack melted butter.

For the cream: juice from a lemon, 300 g riccota, 250 g mascarpone, powdered sugar for decoration.

We heat the oven to the fourth step (180 degrees Celsius). We wallpaper a rectangular tray with baking paper. Beat the eggs and sugar with the blender for about 5 minutes. Add the flour, cardamom and lemon zest, then gradually add the melted butter. Put the dough in the tray and leave in the oven for 12-15 minutes.

Leave in the tray for a few minutes and place on a piece of baking paper that I powdered with sugar. Roll the dough and leave to cool.

Lemon roll
Image from Pixabay

As the dough cools, stir in the lemon juice, half the riccota and mascarpone and set aside. When the dough is completely cooled, we unwrap it and grease it with mascarpone cream and riccota. We lay on top of the rest of the riccota and run again. Powder with sugar and serve sliced roll.

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