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Less refined flour more power

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Refined flour makes us suffer

Flour is a common product in our households. It is produced from cereals. Unrefined flour contains vitamins B, PP and F, mineral salts, enzymes and other ingredients useful to our body. Cereal grains contain 85 % starch and 15 % biological coating. The substances present in this coating allow us to break down and assimilate starch.

Mai puțină făină rafinată mai multă putere
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Refined flour does not contain the coating , it is therefore weak in vitamins, enzymes and minerals. In the manufacturing process of bread, cakes, biscuits and other refined flour products, substances such as food colours, flavourings, acidity modifiers, stabilisers and thickeners are also added to make them more attractive. These additives remain in the body and gradually poison us. Because of them our muscles and wrists get stuck.

Digestion of white bread needs many substances that are removed through the refining process. Our digestive system will take them from the resources of our own body. Refined flour is hard to digest. Undigested starch is stored in the body’s fat layers. We all know what happens to flour when mixed with warm water, expands and turns into a sticky paste. Refined flour behaves the same in our intestines, slowing down the digestion of other foods and forming stones of the gallbladder and urination. In this way, white flour products can cause us a lot of suffering.

Danger of yeast

Almost all types of bread are produced in which yeast is added. When baking, yeast spores float in the air and land on the surface of the bread. Spores move with bread into the digestive tract, where they become active.

Refined flour makes us suffer
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Based on studies by American researchers, it has been shown that yeast used in the kitchen activates cancer cells in our body. When we eat bread, we turn our digestive tract into a “battleground” between yeast and our natural microflora. We have certainly all started eating bread since childhood, so a healthy intestinal microflora is a rarity.

Constipation, bloating and digestive tract diseases are often the effect of large amounts of bread and other bakery products containing refined flour and yeast.

Unleavened bread

Unleavened bread is produced only from wheat flour and water,without yeast.

Dospita bread was invented in Egypt 15 thousand years ago, and its negative effects have been known for a long time. Several nations avoided bread to protect their population and signified this custom by religious commandments. For example, the Bible (Exit, 12) says,“All that is dosed not to eat, but in all your settlements to eat azima“. It’s a very wise and useful piece of advice.

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Whole grain products are much more beneficial to our health. It is better to eat bread made from wholemeal flour without yeast. If you continue to eat white bread, do not eat it fresh, after a day or two the yeast is no longer active or harmful. You can make it more attractive if you fry it, make biscuits, etc.

Be wise! Live healthy!

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