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Nutrient and fragrant apricots

Apricots, nutrient-rich fruits

Apricots are the sweet fruits full of nutrients that energize us throughout the day. Fresh apricot fruits contain 85% water, protides, fats, levulose and glucose, carotenoids, Salts of Na, K, Ca, P, Fe, as well as microelements: cobalt, iron, bromine, magnesium, vitamin A (250 mg%), vitamin B1, B2, niacin and vitamin C. Fresh fruit has an energy value of 49-50 kcal per 100 g fruit, and dry fruit of 306 kcal.

Nutrient and fragrant apricots
Image from Pixabay

It is good to consume seasonal fruits, because they are extremely beneficial to our body. Our body is connected to nature and it is good to live in rhythm with it. Nothing is accidental and that is why we must be aware that the most valuable fruits we consume are good to be picked from the region in which we live.

Apricots – therapeutic recommendations

Apricots are nutritious fruits with high vitamin intake, being very digestible. Consumed as such fresh are recommended in the diet of dyspeptic people, in convalescence, for those who are anemic, act as a regenerator of tissues, especially the nervous one, as well as in consecutive anemias due to hemorrhages.

Nutrient and fragrant apricots
Image from Pixabay

Apricots have nerve tonic effects and can be consumed in asthenias, depressive states, neuroses and insomnia. Fresh fruits have an astringent, antidiarrheal effect, while dried fruits have a slightly laxative effect.

In cosmetics, they constitute an excellent tonic for normal skin. Fruits as such, in the form of juice, compote, and dried fruit, may be consumed. For a fresh, hydrated skin, you can make masks with very ripe, crushed fruits, or lotions with this juice.

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