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Olfactive coat of arms with plants

Herbal coat of arms, between family tradition and the creation of perfumes

In middle Eastern countries there is a tradition for every family to have an olfactory coat of arms. The scented wood and leaves are buried in the sand to impregnate themselves with the four elements of nature, then burned so that they can convey to the children the olfactory crest of the clan and their belonging to the family tradition.

Olfactive coat of arms with plants
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Beyond these beliefs and superstitions, however, lies the true alchemy of plants whose aromatic molecules diffuse their beneficial fragrances into the air. And who could have best captured these inviting and beneficial flavors than the researchers of the International Higher Institute of Versailles Perfume.

Marie Françoise Tessier, founder of the brand Equatoria, former student of the International Higher Institute of Versailles perfume, was born with this creative spirit, which was accentuated by her experiences in the vast world of beauty. He was an expert in advertising and marketing, a journalist for beauty, aesthetics, but especially specialized press Spa and wellness. Marie-Françoise TESSIER, became the founder of Equatoriala, specializing in Spa, developing a number of brands in the field of beauty. She was Creative Products and Artistic Director, opened several Spa centers in France, becoming a partner of many Spa institutes, Spa Hotels, Spa spa centers becoming known all over the world.

This adventure in the world of spa, was born after the founder of Equatoriala visited Indonesia, drawing inspiration from the spa philosophy in its original essence. From this adventure, the concept of Natural Spa Products was born. There was a subtle resonance between the Indonesian Spa philosophy and the sensitivity of the creator, by communicating with nature by combining precious active ingredients from plants, so beneficial in beauty recipes.

Olfactive coat of arms with plants
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Medicinal plants have thousands of benefits, providing universal well-being. Inspired by the richness of nature the founder of Equatorial created beauty rituals such as: “Wellness cruise in Polynesia, Holistic Ritual in the Amazon, Japanese Imperial Feast, Indonesian Detoxification, Oriental Honeymoon, Ceremony 1001 nights, Hammam Ritual, Indian Ayurvedic Invitation. At Equatoria, anti-agingrituals are promoted, moisturizing treatments, detoxification,all to bring balance between personality and energy.

Our mind is conditioned by the air we breathe

The air we breathe makes our mood conditional. Phrases such as “feeling the storm in the air” or “feeling nothing in the air”, prove that human beings feel air quality and unconsciously develop an olfactory sensitivity to the environment.

Specialists compose and create aromatic atmospheres for large shops, shows, pharmacies, etc. These pure essential oil cokteils are chosen according to the type of clientele that frequents the places concerned and in particular the activity carried out within them.

Olfactive coat of arms with plants
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Thus, for example, to help the clients of a beauty institute, to gain a serene mood on the mental and emotional level, a mixture of dill, mint, anise, lemon, eucalyptus can be used. If it’s a beauty institute with a male clientele, the mix will be different. A mixture of rosemary essential oils can be used for strength and vitality, or basil,to relieve stress caused by a very active life.

Some incense formulas date back to the time of Hippocrates, such as incense in Jerusalem, composed among others of camphor and sage, and are recommended for purifying the atmosphere in a room. Others were created in the Middle Ages, when works on the state of mind were undertaken. Dr. Wecker, studied a formula based on saffron, later taken up by the Catholic tradition and called Nazareth. This mixture is thought to act on passive humors, removing boundaries and inhibitions and causing individuals to move forward.

Magical fragrant aromas

Smyrna,also known as the “creator’s root”, acts on a mental level. The smoke emanating from the myrrh root is refreshing, refreshing, regenerating, stimulating the imagination, inciting more intellectually percussive actions.

Smyrna is a seve considered as the fragrant attribute of all solar deities. It acts at the level of the solar plexus, restoring balance and creating a feeling of tranquility. The myrrh burned in a cloudy stormy weather contributes to the reduction of tension in the atmosphere and the restoration of ambient harmony.

Olfactive coat of arms with plants
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Lemon is the generic name given to the sap of the boswellia tree, native to Somalia. The botanical name of this seve is “oliban” or fragrant resin, and the poetic name is “The Tear of Somalia”, later becoming “The Tear of Lebanon”. The seva of this tree acts as a binder and is therefore often used in the structure of perfumes.

In terms of characteristics, the light smoke of Oliban, with a subtle fragrance, contributes to regaining personal balance by achieving a perfect union of the four elements.

Olfactive consultation with essential oils

Establishing the aromatic identity of a client, allows to determine its potential, which will help her develop her personality and better manage her energy. French specialists created the so-called olfactory consultation. The principle of this olfactory consultation is to provide the client with about 10 essential oils. The client will choose two of these oils: one preferred and another that she does not support. The specialist analyzes and comments on the choice made by the client aiming to highlight its character, personality and profound nature.

The olfactory coat reveals personality and creates energy

Just as in the Middle East there is a tradition for every family to identify with an olfactory coat of arms, so each individual can identify himself through his own coat of arms. Some say that beauty comes from within, others say it’s about attitude, personality or character. I say it’s up to us, how much we want to feel good, because beauty is in everything.

The well-being is conditioned by the olfactory state towards the environment. Imagine, or try to create your own coat of arms with beneficial plants, close to your personality, for a mental and emotional balance. I will list some plants and their benefits.

Lavender coat. The first olfactory impact of lavender acts on the nervous system. When liked, the smell of lavender soothes, relaxes, relaxes and removes certain angst. This wonderful plant symbolizes the intimate relationship between mother and daughter. If a person doesn’t like the smell of lavender, it can be assumed that they have an underdeveloped relational potential. In this case you can choose other essences that have characteristics similar to those of lavender but have a sweeter smell, such as marjoram and myrtle. I can lately go back to lavender.

Olfactive coat of arms with plants
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Cinnamon coat of arms. The first impact of cinnamon is related to strength, vitality, movement. Thus, shy, apathetic people can use cinnamon as an olfactory support to feel bolder, more capable of action. The second olfactory impact of cinnamon symbolizes the epicurean, bulimic side of life.

Olfactive coat of arms with plants
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Coat of arms with rosemary. The first olfactory impact has the effect of a sudden blaze in the surrounding atmosphere. Indeed the molecular structure of rosemary induces the feeling of vitality. If you take a breath of inspiration for this essence, you will feel the vitality of eternal youth. When breathed in the evening, the fragrance of rosemary removes the weight of a tiring day, and in the morning prints the momentum needed to start the activity. From an aromatic point of view rosemary acts among other things in the pancreas, the filter organ through which the energies of life penetrate. It can be considered that people who do not support the essence of rosemary, are somehow broken by the movement of life and for various reasons, they become more passive.

Olfactive coat of arms with plants
Image from Pixabay

Blazon with laurel. The noble laurel is the essence of charisma. But this does not mean that a person who does not like the smell of laurel is a glamorous one, but only that its potential for attraction is not fully developed. One reason could be, for example, fear of hurting others, lack of confidence, an unfavorable entourage, etc. To stimulate this “inhibited” charm, if you do not accept the smell of laurel, you can try the essence of the orange blossom which is comforting, restoring your self-confidence.

Perfume is the history of a flower.

Emil Cioran

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