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Osteoporosis a lost battle?

Why are bones affected by osteoporosis?

There are people who have been battling osteoporosis for many years. Most of the time they give up fighting, because the drugs don’t work. Some blame genetic inheritance without even trying to get to know their own body. With great patience our body has the capacity for self-healing and can overcome any disease.

Next I will give you some advice that I have received in turn, from osteopaths and specialists in the field. I’m going to have to start with some explanations. There are two forms of calcium in the food. The good one, organic calcium, easily absorbed by our bones, is found in vegetables, fruits (especially in shell), freshly prepared juices, eggs, bran, wheat and oats germs, hazelnuts, honey and fresh cow or goat’s milk.

Osteoporosis a lost battle?
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Bad, non-organic calcium is hard to absorb and is contained in all processed products, bread, cooked or pasteurized milk and its products, boiled water, all products processed at temperatures above 100 degrees Celsius and synthetic formulas of calcium.

If our diet mainly contains processed products, pasteurized or boiled milk, crispy bread, cooked or cooked products and if the water we use is usually boiled, it is clear why our bones are so often affected by osteoporosis.

5 basics

Our body contains in addition to various elements: calcium, carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen. On average, there is an amount of almost 1.2 kg of calcium in the human body and 99% of this amount is in the bones.

In addition to the support it provides to our body, by keeping it upright, the bone system has the function of storing calcium and phosphorus, so that the whole organism has an emergency supply of these two elements, in case it cannot provide its daily nutrition needs.

The level of calcium in the blood is constant, even in the last stages of osteoporosis, the blood can maintain 99.9% of the required level, feeding on calcium in the bones. If blood needs to take calcium from our bones, day by day, bone mass begins to shrink.

Osteoporosis a lost battle?
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Foods such as: meat, cheese, sugar and animal fats produce large amounts of, harmful acids when digested. These harmful acids are: lactic acid, oxalic acid, uric and many others. Calcium salts are used to neutralize these acids and protect the body from poisoning. The more such foods we eat, the lower the calcium levels in the bones and osteoporosis inevitably occurs.

Consumption of sugar and products containing sugar, is one of the main causes of calcium deficiency. This is a synthetic product and its digestion can release many poisonous acids into our body. To neutralize these acids, large amounts of mineral salts are needed, which contain the vast majority calcium.

Osteoporosis a lost battle?
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Where are they taken from? From bones and teeth, where they are found in the highest concentration. Considering that we develop a taste for sweets from early childhood and that even adults consume hundreds of times more sugar every day than the healthy amount, it is clear why children suffer from cavities, adults with gum disease, and the bones of the elderly already have osteoporosis-specific porosity.

Causes of the occurrence of osteoporosis

As we have shown above, we can conclude that one of the causes of osteoporosis is the excessive pleasure of consuming sweets, passed down from generation to generation. We often hear parents say, “childhood must be sweet, how can I deny my child candy.” It is good to think more about providing children with healthy food. The pleasures of “sweet” childhood can cost the future adult years of suffering because of bone and spine pain.

Osteoporosis a lost battle?
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Lack of movement is another cause of the appearance of osteoporosis. Any kind of movement is beneficial to our body. Walking in the park, simple exercise, fitness, all contribute to our health if we introduce them to our daily routine.

The lack of vitamins C and D, as well as a diet rich in heat-processed products, can affect our bone system. It is good to introduce as many fruits and vegetables and natural juices into the diet as possible.

Excessive consumption of milk, sugar, sweets, animal fats, synthetic vitamins,bread and other flour-based products, can lead to the development of osteoporosis. Smokers are more at risk of bone problems than non-smokers.

Osteoporosis a lost battle?
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What we need to do now is eliminate these factors from our lifestyle. Healthy food and movement are the most important. However, those who experience osteoporosis-induced pain, it is good to undergo therapy. The most effective therapies for osteoporosis are represented by: lemon therapy and eggshell therapy. Good health!

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