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Our skin loves plants

Skin loves medicinal plants

Medicinal plants are miraculous to our skin. Indeed, the wise use of medicinal plants is an effective solution for a number of skin problems. We all know that this type of treatment has worked since the time when there was no notion of a prescription. Since ancient times people knew the miraculous properties of medicinal plants.

Science has shown that medicinal plants contain, like medicines, a number of active ingredients. Before we start a natural treatment it is good to be in the theme with how to administer to get the best results.

A few herbs for healthy skin

Our skin loves plants
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When we use them correctly, medicinal plants produce fewer side effects compared to a drug treatment. Combating infections, pain, eliminating discomfort in menopause, reducing anxiety, as well as skin injury, caused by radiation and chemicals, all find their solution with the undisputed help offered by nature.

The affected cellular structure of the tissues of the epidermis can be restored by means of healing extracts, which hasten the body’s natural healing process. For example, marigold extract contains biologically active, nutritious and revitalizing substances that have strong emollient, anti-inflammatory and epithelial effects.

Our skin loves plants
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Gotu kolaextract, restores blood circulation and restores collagen structure affected by insect stings and sunburn. This substance also acts as an antioxidant that stops skin aging, restoring firmness and suppleness. It is an excellent adjunct for acne-affected skin, rosacea acne, various eczema and even psoriasis.

The nettles,relieves allergies, allergic rashes, soothes irritations caused by insect bites. Some plants should be avoided, however: the cross, wild ginger, kava, licorice root, deer basil, etc. These plants can cause serious health problems, either due to serious side effects or that taken in high doses can be fatal. So a lot of attention!

Our skin loves plants
Image from Pixabay

Some herbs are not recommended during pregnancy. This warning also applies to breastfeeding women. It is also risky to combine medicinal plants and medicines with the same action, as well as two similar plants. It is important to know when to discontinue such treatment. Improvement in health should be observed in a few weeks, otherwise it is good to consult a dermatologist. Let’s all have perfect skin!

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