Thursday, February 25, 2021


Recipe of papanas

We keep our Romanian tradition and propose a recipe of delicious papanas. It is a simple, easy-to-make recipe for 4 servings and we can prepare it in 15-30 minutes. This recipe for papanas is a great dessert for any time!

Ingredients: 400 g cottage cheese, 200 g cream, 100 g jam, 150 g flour, 4 eggs, 4 sachets vanilla sugar, 1/2 pack baking powder, 500 ml oil.

Preparation mode: separate the yolks from the whites. We’ll put the oil on the heat. In a bowl, mix the cheese, yolks, vanilla sugar and baking powder. We form a dough over which we put flour and knead until it becomes good to shape. The coke is well kneaded when gently peeled off the hands.

For each portion we count two pieces. From each piece we cut a piece the size of a larger olive. From the large one we form a cylinder 6 cm high, and from the small piece we shape a ball. The modelled pieces we put in the hot oil and after they have browned we take them out on a plate.

We place them vertically and fill them with sweetness. We then pour the cream, put the ball at the end and pour the cream again. We’re going with sweetness. Papanasi serve them hot. Have a good time!

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