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Purifying water

Water stops the aging process

Purifying water
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Water has memory and differs from other compounds in nature by the ability to store information. As we already know, our cells contain 70% water. Water in a diseased organism contains information about that disease. Medicinal treatment changes the structure of the water for a period, but after therapy, the water still remembers the disease.

Water memory is a very complex process that is based on thousands of different reactions. To understand this we do not need to look at complicated formulas. The unique qualities of water have their advantages and disadvantages. The ability to perpetuate chronic diseases by storing information about them is a disadvantage.

We can prevent the storage of negative information by trying to change the structure of the water in our body. There are two methods that improve health. The first method: for five months, drink only water obtained from melted ice for drinking and cooking (autumn and winter months). Second method: drink freshly prepared vegetable and fruit juices, 2-4 cups (0.5-1 liter) per day in the months of spring and summer.

Elimination of toxins awakens the ability to renew

Purifying water
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A very simple but very powerful purification technique is to increase water consumption. The human body contains about three-quarters of water and most biochemical reactions work best within a very narrow concentration range.

Our sensitivity to thirst diminishes with age and thus leads to the risk of developing subtle levels of dehydration, of which we are not aware. Most people do not drink enough water, which can lead to a lot of symptoms.

Headaches, constipation, dry skin, fatigue and indigestion may actually reflect subtle dehydration. Some medical research has suggested that many of the current health disorders, including high blood pressure, asthma and chronic pain, originate in dehydration.

Those who do not have kidney or liver problems, should get used to drinking water all day. The recommended daily water consumption (in litres) is calculated by dividing your weight by two kilograms. For example, a person who weighs 80 kilograms, the daily water consumption must be more than two liters.

Fizzy drinks, tea and coffee do not matter, because their caffeine content has a diuretic effect. Also, alcohol leads to water loss and does not contribute to rehydration. When we do sports,we take diuretics or we live in a dry, warm climate, we have to add to the usual water consumption another 10-15%.

Purifying water
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The most water-rich fruits and vegetables are: cantaloupe melons, grapefruit,peaches, melons, asparagus,peppers, carrots and mushrooms. It is good to reduce the consumption of artificially sweetened beverages. When we drink enough water, we feel the need to empty the bladder every two hours.

Many of those who follow this water program say that they lose much more weight, have more energy and less chronic pain and suffering. Drinking plenty of fresh, pure water is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to stop the aging process.

Think positively, meditate with your eyes closed, for at least twenty minutes, twice a day, a restful sleep, all synchronized with the biological rhythms and nature, harmonizes and rejuvenates us. Deep rest between the body and mind leads to rejuvenation. As rain purifies nature, so our body becomes younger, more energetic, if we take care to hydrate it properly.

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