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Rice with milk and cherry

Rice recipe with milk and cherry jam

This simple recipe of rice with milk, we can enjoy it for a breakfast or a healthy dessert.

Ingredients: cherry jam or 250 g of seasonal strawberries, 1 litre of fatty milk, 100 g of unrefined sugar, lemon peel, 200 g risotto rice, cinnamon, 250 ml natural cream.

Preparation mode: heat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Combine the milk with the sugar and lemon zest and mix them. The rice is cooked thermally in a cup of water. The water is boiled and after reaching 100 degrees Celsius, it is taken off the fire. Place the rice and a lid and leave to steam.

Rice with milk and cherry
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Take the rice from the pot and place in a pan over a low heat. Combine with cinnamon on fire. Then pour the milk mixture into the pan. Add to the oven bowls for 30 minutes. Finally, remove from the oven, expect to cool and combine the sweetness or with large pieces of fresh strawberries. Serve with natural whipped cream. Have a good time!

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