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The brain transforms our lives

How we train our brains

The brain is nowhere near static, rigid and fixed, its cells are always reshaped and reorganized by our thoughts and experiences. The different experiences in our lives are written like “computer” files, with their own mind. Our great craftsmanship consists in accurately directing the remarkable union made up of brain and mind and thus we can orient our metal activities.

Research shows that 90% of people’s thoughts are negative. Daily concerns and stress activate the “survival system” and entrenched patterns of behaviour. The type of feelings we feel when we react to the circumstances of those around us are often those related to the past.

Creierul ne transformă viața
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The main feelings we feel when we react are those of anger and aggression, hatred and frustration, criticism, envy, jealousy, fear, anxiety, worry, guilt, shame and depression. These feelings derive from stress hormones, which use the body’s vital resources.

On the bright side, through mental training, self-discipline and perseverance, meditation and systematic exposure to new and of course, with the invaluable help of the brain,change is within our reach. All the elements that make up us, thoughts, dreams, memories, hopes, feelings, imaginings, fears, skills, habits, pains and joys are inscribed in the “files” of the 100 billion brain cells.

Even the smallest thoughts pass on the acquired information to the little brain cells that make new connections between them, and we’re not what we used to be. We’re always on the move,we’re our own builders. Nerve cells that shape us as individuals are in a process of permanent organization.

We’re evolving looking for new experiences

The brain transforms our lives
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The experience enriches the brain and for this reason it creates the strongest and most durable synaptic connections. Experience is the best teacher, a statement that retains and proves its validity over time. If learning activities are all aimed at creating the ability to update information, then the experience in the form of episodic memories associated with a known information, stored in the neocortex, finalizes it.

We humans have the ability to learn from experiences, adapt, change and modify our behaviors on the next occasion. As we adopt new experiences, we create new synaptic connections. Our brain growth potential increases exponentially as we start from an enlarged cerebral cortex.

The brain transforms our lives
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The larger volume of the brain allows for the existence of a greater number of neurons, which also means a greater number of potential connections and a greater predisposition to learning.

Various experiences mark new ruptures on the neocortex that will then be accessed as stronger, more lasting memories. The richer our new experience, the more practiced the brain becomes in a field, the wider the nerve networks in the brain interconnect, change, enrich and become more complex.

Meditation, the art of positive thinking

It is beneficial for us to make a program that includes meditation. It is good to devote a few minutes, half an hour to ourselves alone, in which we think of nothing but how to be someone else. Someone else to like, love, protect, wish him health and prosperity. You can view that new person. That person is you! Better, healthier, full of ingenious ideas, but especially happy!

The brain transforms our lives
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When we like an idea or think very fondly of our universe, which we want, we can visualize it by making the most of it. The reason is as simple as that. Love is a very powerful motivator. The brain chemical processes involved in love (beautiful, positive thoughts) are completely different from those we produce for a survival regimen as shown above (negative thoughts).

The fact is that by falling in love with our ideal, we chemically attach ourselves to the new version of our self. We attach ourselves to a model of thought that inspires us, invigorates us and heals us incessantly. It seems simple and it really is. It’s up to us how we want our life to be! We can create the life we want! I recommend you also read the articles:

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