Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Time in another perception

How we change our perception of time

Every time we hear those around us say phrases like: time passes so quickly, time is too short, etc. When our mind reaches stagnation, time stops and our biological clock stops. It seems to us that life is passing too fast and we don’t have the time to solve everything we set out to do.

To reverse this process in which we feel that life passes too quickly, it is good to change our perception of time. The way we perceive time is related to the regulation of the biological clock. Have you wondered what time is? In the physical world, we use time to measure the flow of events in our lives.

Time in another perception
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We know that the way we live in time is fluid. For example: the time we’re awake is very different from the time we’re in. When we meditate, many things can happen in a very short time, because, in this state, we have a totally different perception of time. The cause and effect are non-linear, and events that we would normally consider to be “future”, are capable of influencing events “in the past”.

When we see the spiritual realm through meditation or an experience that produces our awe, we enter a field beyond time and space. This life is called an eternal mind. And because the mind and the body are inseparable, an eternal mind also means an immortal body.

Can we influence the biological clock?

Time in another perception
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There are many ways we define aging. Many see it as a metabolism that slows down over time. Let’s imagine for a moment that we can metabolize eternity, or infinity instead of time. We would literally have an immortal body.

The ancient sages have argued that even occasional trips in this field without time, or eternal, of consciousness, can influence the biological clock and greatly prolong life. Our body and its biological functions respond to the experience of time. Our body’s biological clock beats according to the personal experience of time.

To paraphrase Einstein, when asked to explain the theory of relativity in a way applicable to everyday life, he said, “If I burn myself in a hot stove, that fraction of a second seems like an eternity to me. But if I’m with a beautiful woman, even an eternity seems like a second. It’ll be over in a minute. It’s never enough.”

Time in another perception
Image from Pixabay

In other words, the passage of time is subjective. It’s up to us, if we’re always in a hurry, then the body’s biological clock is in a hurry. If we feel we have all the time in the world, our body’s biological clock slows down. When we meditate and enter the gaps between thoughts, time stops. The same happens when we play a game that we love, when we feel the beauty of nature or when we fall in love.

When we change our perception of time, consciousness, turns subjective experience into a biological reaction in our body. We can use this principle with great effect. Let us declare our intention to rejuvenate and live longer. Intent is a powerful stimulator of our internal pharmacy. The perception of time and our expectations of rejuvenation will lead to a reduction in age, we will feel younger, healthier, more lively.

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