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Wine, good for silhouette

A dream silhouette

We all dream of a dream silhouette. Fast or slow? Contrary to beliefs and contrary to dietitians’ recommendations, slow weight loss does not reduce over time the degree or pace of accumulation of new kilograms. Studies show that more accelerated weight loss has positive effects on those who have worked towards it, reducing the dropout rate of healthy habits and making it easier to achieve better results.

There are a lot of drinks in vogue, vitamin waters, energy drinks, vitamin-fortified juices that have been evaluated by scientists for detailing their micronutrient composition. Although many of them claim to help the immune system, to have antioxidant properties or even to support performance and well-being, the results are left to be expected. Most of the time the benefits they bring are minor or even non-existent.

Wine, good for silhouette

Wine, good for silhouette
Image from Pixabay

Consumption of grape juice or wine, in moderation, improves the health of overweight people. Wine helps to burn fat more efficiently, as a new study shows.

Whether we eat black grapes or drink juice or wine, it helps us maintain our figure. It is also beneficial for metabolic disorders, such as fat accumulations in the liver. Consumed in moderation, both grape juice and wine stimulate fat burning.

In the composition of red grapes, elagic acid is found to slow the expansion of new fat cells, accelerating the metabolism of fatty acids in the liver. These compounds are only adjuvants for silhouette and can not replace diet and balanced sport.

How to lose weight properly

Wine, good for silhouette
Image from Pixabay

Obviously with diet and sports you’ll say. Yes, I’ll confirm it. Whether you choose a balanced diet and your favorite sport, do not neglect rest. Believe it or not, lunch sleep is perfect especially after a lost night.

If lunch is a luxury, especially in terms of lack of time, then sleep is even more. However, a nap in the middle of the day could be the solution for a poor night in terms of rest.

Daytime rest can eliminate stress and increase immunity. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism shows that in many countries, problem sleep is the cause of declining productivity, but also of the high number of accidents at work. In addition, those who sleep little risk chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, depression.

Wine, good for silhouette
Image from Pixabay

Only half an hour of daytime sleep can alleviate minor hormonal disorders that occur after a lost night. The bottom line is to eat properly, exercise, get enough sleep, relax over a glass of red wine or consult a nutritionist. The choice is everyone’s!

Health information we all find on google search. As long as the search sources are credible, and data of all kinds completes what the doctor recommends, everything is fine for anyone’s health. Problems arise when the tendency to self-diagnose and self-medication or the adoption of fanciful slimming cures occurs. For a perfect silhouette it is good to adopt a balanced lifestyle.

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