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Winter pantry

Best pantry

The pantry, it’s a place we should consider when it comes to landscaping. It is a space where imagination can combine perfectly with the utilitarian part and results, perhaps the most beautiful rustic place in the house. For the arrangement of this space we have to take into account some basic rules.

The perfect pantry

Winter pantry
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The ventilation system providing a suitable food storage environment must not be missed in any pantry. Before any fitting, the pantry may be painted with washable products that have silver ions. In this way, we reduce the number of microorganisms and especially molds.

Much of the molds are not visible to the naked eye, so painting the walls is essential before storing food. On the floor we can put tiles and make sure that there are no spaces where cockroaches, ants and any other insect can enter.

The space lights up brightly, so that we can observe all winter the state of canned or dried vegetables. Shelves suitable for a pantry do not have to be deep, because we will not easily see the products from the wall. We place them around the walls, but without great depth.

Winter pantry
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It is good to also use shelves for corners so as not to lose space. After these stages in which we built the structure, we can organize everything perfectly. The pantry is the place where chaos has no place. We can use shuttles to store cans in bottles or jars. It’s an optimal way to store.

The ideal dry seasoning plants would be to keep them in cotton bags, which we can make ourselves, from a large piece of material. We don’t need to make scholarly seams, but coarse ones that even give a nicer look to the space as a whole. We put a shoelace on their mouths and we can hang them anywhere on the shelves.

Textile bags ensure the quality of dry plants and do not maintain moulds. On the shelves are useful a few hooks with which to catch large pieces of string on which to dry mushrooms, peppers, tomato slices, carrots or celery. We are talking about the best method of preserving food, but also vegetable garlands that look spectacular, taking into account the aesthetic benefit.

Winter pantry
Image from Pixabay

If over winter we store legumes such as dried beans, dried peas, it is good to put them near some bags of salt. In this way, we avoid the risk of the appearance of ladybugs that feed on such products. On the floor we can place the box of potatoes. It is insulated with a panel so that light rarely reaches the potatoes. This avoids spring sprouting.

Onions and large jars of pickles are also kept on the floor. The pantry is a suitable place for a wooden barrel where we can preserve some cheese in brine for months. The whole wooden barrel is preferable for pickled cabbage, to the detriment of plastic containers that discharge toxic compounds into salt water. They’re also very aesthetic, especially if we place pots in the ground above.

We form large bouquets of basil, thyme, sage, thyme, marjoram, mint, lavender. We tie them with thick string and leave them to dry hung from an iron hook. I give a spectacular look to this ungenerous space in most cases and the smell is worth considering.

Winter pantry
Image from Pixabay

The lesson keeps the moths at bay, but can be crushed into stone bowls and combined with sea salt. It’s a delicacy invented by the French. Once we’ve arranged the pantry, all we have to do is fill it with healthy winter goodies. I also recommend the article: What are the best cans in your pantry?

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